BEN – the contract generator

Our contract generating robot BEN can assist you in preparing a number of easy to use tailor made contracts and other documents.

Simply choose one of the options below and fill out the accompanying questionnaire and you will immediately receive your custom made document by e-mail (free of charge, BEN is an altruistic robot).

Our Emerging Companies Team is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have on the documents. Reach out to us at +31 88 30300803 or

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This generator prepares a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) intended for any transaction regarding i.e. the sale of a company, joint venture of two companies or investment in a company. Start generator

SARs Plan

This generator creates a personalized Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) Plan for a Dutch BV. A SARs Plan is a form of employee participation plan often used for its simplicity and flexibility. Start the generator for a more elaborate explanation. Start generator

EPOS (Easy Prepayment On Shares)

This generator creates an EPOS (Easy Prepayment On Shares), a financing instrument pursuant to which an investor provides funding to a Dutch B.V. in return for the right to be issued shares in the target company at a qualified investment in the future. Start generator

Shareholders Resolution

This generator creates a shareholders resolution of a Dutch B.V. that can be used for all sorts of matters requiring a decision by the shareholders (i.e. dividend distributions, issue of shares, entering into convertibles and appointing or dismissing managing directors). Start generator