Benvalor Launches BEN – the contract generator

In our desire to actively contribute to the Dutch ecosystem for emerging companies and venture capital, we have just launched BEN, our own contract generating robot.


Based on the input provided by following a questionnaire, BEN can prepare tailor made contracts and other legal documentation and is currently able to prepare the following documents:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Employment Agreement
  3. SARs (Stock Appreciation Rights) Plan
  4. Shareholders Resolution
  5. Simple Loan Agreement
  6. EPOS (Easy Prepayment On Shares) – the investment instrument developed by us (comparable to the U.S. originated SAFE)


BEN can be accessed at and is free of charge (BEN is an altruistic robot).


We trust BEN will become a valuable legal asset and we are keen to receive your feedback and wish list for additions to the above list of documents.


Benvalor’s Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Team,


Maurits Bos

Sjoerd Mol

Marije van den Bergh

Jos Meyer

Romana Kooiman

Attorneys and Tax Advisors

Jos Meyer

Jos Meyer

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