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Benvalor assisted with closing a € 18.5 million fund round in BioTech company Citryll

July 21, 2020 — Emerging Companies & Venture Capital
Benvalor (Maarten van der Voort) advised BOM Brabant Ventures and Citryll on closing a € 18.5 million fund round led by Seventure and BioGeneration Ventures with existing investors BOM Brabant Ventures, BrightGene, and ModiQuest.

The proceeds will be used to advance the pre-clinical and clinical development of Citryll’s CIT-013 therapeutic antibody, an inhibitor of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) and their formation (NETosis).

We welcome this significant investment by a strong investor syndicate from Europe and China and the substantial support by the Dutch Government. CIT-013 has therapeutic potential for autoimmune disorders such as lupus, organ damage due to sepsis, asthma and NET-induced thrombosis. CIT-013 does not broadly target inflammation or acquired immunity, instead it extinguishes the source of autoantigens, NET-derived toxic, prothrombotic and proinflammatory components in the safest way currently possible”, says CEO Helmuth van Es.

The press release by Citryll can be read here.

The press release by BOM Brabant Ventures can be read here.