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Benvalor assisted with € 1 million Series A round in BioTech company Core Life Analytics

May 28, 2020 — Emerging Companies & Venture Capital
Benvalor (Maarten van der Voort) assisted BOM Brabant Ventures, Utrecht Holdings, TechFund One, and Core Life Analytics on the Series A round in Core Life Analytics.

Core Life Analytics markets the StratoMineR data analytics platform in the life sciences sector. StratoMineR enables biologists to analyze complex biological datasets without the need for internal data analysis support. The software is being successfully used by scientists at well established companies such as Pfizer, Janssen, and Galapagos. CEO David Egan stated, This investment in Core Life Analytics will allow us to expand our sales & marketing efforts, and to accelerate product development. We believe that we now have an excellent team that will be able to support us, not just with funding, but also with advice and extensive business networks.” CTO Wienand Omta stated, This investment allows Core Life Analytics to expand our development team and accelerate the software development process by working on multiple modules simultaneously.”

The full press release by BOM Ventures can be read here.

The full press release by Utrecht Holdings can be read here.

The full press release by TechFund One can be read here.