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Benvalor expands tax & M&A practice

February 16, 2018 — Corporate / M&A, Fund & Asset Management, Private Clients, Restructuring, Financing and Security, Tax law, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital, Employee Participation Plans
Benvalor is happy to announce that Mohamed Bouallouch (partner) and Diederik van Noorloos (senior associate) have joined Benvalor’s tax practice as of 1 January 2018. Furthermore, John Steenberghe (partner), Rinse Visser (partner) and Nicolien van Banning (associate) of boutique law firm Visser & Steenberghe will join Benvalor as of 1 March 2018. This expansion will significantly boost Benvalor’s Corporate / M&A and tax practice.
Benvalor expands tax & M&A practice
Mohamed is an attorney-at-law and tax lawyer. He specializes in (private) equity and real estate investments, business succession, project financing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, emigration/​remigration and employment conditions including stock-related remuneration schemes. Mohamed is also very experienced in supervising tax audits and litigating on behalf of his clients in tax disputes. Mohamed was previously affiliated as a partner with VMW Taxand and Ekelmans & Meijer.
e‑mail: bouallouch@​benvalor.​com tel: +3188 3030042
Benvalor expands tax & M&A practice
Diederik is a tax lawyer and has been working with Mohamed since 2001. He provides tax advice on investments, financing, business succession and compliance. He has specific knowledge and experience relating to VAT. Previously Diederik worked at VMW Taxand and Ekelmans & Meijer.
e‑mail: vannoorloos@​benvalor.​com tel: +3188 3030030
Benvalor expands tax & M&A practice
John specializes in financial law and corporate law. He advises on merger and acquisitions, venture capital and regulatory and compliance matters, including the need for AFM/DNB-authorization, the establishment, operation and authorization of investment funds and other financial services. Previously he worked as a company lawyer with Fortis and FMO and as an attorney-at-law at CMS Derks Star Busmann and AKD.
e‑mail: steenberghe@​benvalor.​com tel: +3188 3030020
Benvalor expands tax & M&A practice
Rinse specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital. He also has considerable knowledge and experience in competition law, distribution and franchise. Rinse provides advice and conducts litigation in these areas. After being partner at AKD for 17 years, together with John he started boutique law firm Visser & Steenberghe in 2003 and is now joining Benvalor.
e‑mail: visser@​benvalor.​com tel: +3188 3030020