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October 21, 2019 — Emerging Companies & Venture Capital

Benvalor organizes together with growth capital advisor Ruffena Capital a growth capital workshop for entrepreneurs looking for the next stage of growth.

The workshop will take place on 19 November 2019, starts at 10.00 and finishes at 12.30, followed by a network lunch till 13.30.

Location: Spaces Zuidas, Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083 HN Amsterdam

Please let us know if you would like to register, by using this Eventbrite hyperlink https://​www​.eventbrite​.co​.uk/​e​/​g​r​o​w​t​h​-​c​a​p​i​t​a​l​-​w​o​r​k​s​h​o​p​-​b​e​y​o​n​d​-​a​n​g​e​l​-​i​n​v​e​s​t​m​e​n​t​-​a​m​s​t​e​r​d​a​m​-​n​o​v​-​2019​-​t​i​c​k​e​t​s​-​74755348259.

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