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Inheritance Law

We advise on and conduct legal proceedings in the administration and distribution of estates. Our clients are typically heirs, beneficiaries, executors and other parties involved in an estate, but we are also retained as consultants to civil-law notaries and other attorneys-at-law. Our inheritance law attorneys also act as professional liquidators or executors of complex estates.

Benvalor’s strength lies in its joining of specialists in civil law and those specialising in tax and inheritance law. This allows us to immediately take into account all issues pertaining to the estate and assess any potential problems – and their solutions – that might arise during its distribution and advise our clients accordingly.

Our international network enables us to obtain swift and reliable advice on international matters from reliable foreign attorneys and tax lawyers we know personally.

We can advise you, inter alia, about:

  • acceptance of an estate
  • distribution of an estate
  • interpretation and rescission of a will or testament
  • dismissal of an executor
  • rights of a surviving partner
  • rights of disinherited children
  • position of a stepchild
  • inheritance tax
  • succession
  • mediation and settlement
  • rights to information from an executor or third party (e.g. banks)
  • foreign assets (e.g. holiday lets, bank accounts, shares, etc.)