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Intellectual Property

We help our clients to protect, develop, exploit, and enforce their valuable idea, knowledge, invention, or creative work. Our practice focuses on software, trade secrets, know-how, databases, trade names, trademarks, and inventions.

We advise on the possibilities and limitations of intellectual property law. We draft contracts for R&D‑collaborations, academic and commercial licences, the management of joint intellectual property, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. We act for our clients in and outside court against persons who infringe their intellectual property.

We also advise on matters where intellectual property plays an indirect role. Such as within due diligence investigations, for use of certain tax arrangements, the sharing of data for R&D‑activities, or the incorporation of spinoffs from knowledge institutions. In these matters we work closely with our colleagues from other specialties, such as corporate / M&A, privacy, and tax law.

Startup service

Innovative spin-offs or startups may qualify for our startup services. This service includes unlimited access to our model database, brief advice by phone for free, and a reduced hourly rate for other services. If you want to know if you qualify for this service, please send an email to mol@​benvalor.​com.