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Private Clients

Benvalor’s tax attorneys provide a wide range of tax and legal services to individuals, families and family-owned businesses. We combine expert knowledge with a personal and practical approach. Our advice may be characterised as innovative, profound and sustainable.

Where necessary, we will act in consultation with domestic and foreign specialist attorneys, tax lawyers or civil-law notaries that belong to our extensive informal network based personal trust. This informal independent network enables us to select the right specialist to create and implement comprehensive solutions. We also provide estate planning advice catered to the wishes of our clients. We are able to advise on, e.g.:

  • Customised wills and testaments;
  • Foundations;
  • Protective guardianship;
  • Business succession, during life or upon death;
  • Usufruct
  • Public Benefit Organisation
  • Social Benefit Organisation
  • Periodical Gifts or Donations
  • Gift or Donation programmes

Tax disputes with the Dutch Tax Authority and representation in other legal proceedings

We represent individuals in income tax, gift and inheritance tax and real estate tax cases. We also represent our clients in negotiations and legal proceedings and in obtaining tax rulings, e.g. on issues of structure. Our advisory and litigation services are intertwined; we aim to assess the real risks and opportunities presented by potential litigation and advise our clients on them.