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Restructuring, Financing and Security

We advise and assist our clients in restructurings. We are able to assist in efforts to avoid a bankruptcy as well as in dealings following one. This restructuring can take the form of, e.g. operational restructuring, a demerger of a company into viable and non-viable units or a transaction of assets and/‚Äčor liabilities. In such cases, the refinancing of the company, the effects on staff and the fiscal components of such a restructure are, of course, given extra attention.

Assistance for directors and other stakeholders

Hard times in business do not only affect the company facing them. Its stakeholders, too, are affected. We are able to provide assistance to directors of companies that have inadvertently taken a turn for the worse on the one hand, as well as to its investors, suppliers, shareholders, creditors or other affected parties on the other.

Liability claims, bankruptcies and suspensions of payment

Benvalor advises and litigates on behalf of parties facing liability claims initiated by a third party. This includes director liability claims lodged by, e.g. a liquidator, a creditor or a tax authority. Because of our extensive experience with bankruptcy and suspensions of payment we are able to achieve the best and most practical solutions in such cases.

Finance and Security

We have also amassed a vast array of knowledge and expertise in finance and security. We advise both companies and financiers on (re)financing structures, credit documentation and collateral. We also represent companies and financiers in the termination of financing and the redemption of related securities. We also assist companies facing financial strife in preventing the unlawful sale of their assets as securities and limiting the damage they could incur as a result.