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Tenancy Law

Both tenants and landlords have an interest in avoiding disputes by concluding good and clear agreements on rent and the mutual obligations that come with it. Benvalor advises private and professional tenants and landlords. Additionally Benvalor particularly specialises in issues surrounding the lease of commercial properties.

Advice on all rent-related matters

We advise our clients on concluding leases, on contractual reciprocal maintenance obligations and on setting and adjusting rent payments. We also advise on the obligations at termination of the lease.

Proceedings on residential or commercial properties and land

Benvalor litigates on behalf of its clients on all rent-related issues. This may pertain to residential or commercial lease, but also to land lease. Commercial lease is to be understood to include both the lease of office or storage space and petrol stations as well as the lease of retail or catering space, or any combination of the above.

Recent cases Benvalor advised and litigated on:

  • the rent and lease of land for an allotment site
  • the rent and lease of designated woodland
  • the rent and lease of catering space within a commercial building
  • the rent and lease of a garage with petrol station
  • the rent and lease of catering space with in a designated sports facility
  • the rent and lease of a dozen retail locations throughout the Netherlands
  • an evacuation procedure with issues surrounding about changes implemented
  • squatting