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Kea Kroeks - de Raaij

Senior Legal Counsel

Kea is specialised in IT and Privacy and started her career as an attorney at Kennedy Van der Laan in 2008 where she worked until 2013. She then made a career move and became senior legal counsel at ABN AMRO until she joined Benvalor in 2019.

IT law covers a variety on legal aspects. Therefore Kea advises her clients on many different subjects related to IT. This includes license contracts, general purchase agreements and general terms and conditions. In addition cloud solutions and IT outsourcings are part of her daily business.

Privacy and data protection are an important part of the current IT world, data is everywhere and flows everywhere. However, data protection is not only about IT. So Kea not only assist IT suppliers, but non IT’-organisations can rely on her assistance when it’s about becoming privacy compliant or staying privacy compliant.

In 2015 she successfully completed the specialist course in IT law from the Grotius Academy. Kea is member of the Vereniging voor Privacyrecht (the Association for Privacylaw)’, and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Informatietechnologie en Recht (the Dutch Association for IT law)’ and she is editor of Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht’.

Kea has a pragmatic approach and knows she gets the best results for her clients by cooperating with them in an open manner.