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The shareholders’ resolution: common pitfalls

Most decisions in a Dutch private company (besloten vennootschap) are made by the board of directors. However, by default some decisions are the prerogative of shareholders. This article explores a few of the pitfalls regarding shareholders’ resolutions that are often overlooked. Read more

Non-disclosure agreements

A non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”), often also referred to as a confidentiality agreement, creates a legal obligation between parties to secure that certain confidential information that will be exchanged remains protected. An NDA defines why certain information will be disclosed and which information should be considered confidential. Read more

Founder vesting arrangements

Vesting of shares is a popular concept with emerging companies. When instigated by an investor, the main goal is to ensure that founders (or managers) are incentivized to remain with the company for a certain amount of time. When agreed between founders it is a way to conditionally slice the pie, Read more

Business Angels unite!

Early May this year the Dutch minister for economic affairs Henk Kamp announced plans for the subsidy scheme for the benefit of early stage (techno) start-ups. The scheme came into effect on July the 1st as the ‘SEED Business Angel regulation’. Read more

Benvalor advises Parcompare on investment from Mainport Innovation Fund II

Mainport Innovation Fund II (KLM, Schiphol Group, Delft University of Technology, Port of Amsterdam, NS Dutch Railways) invests in Parcompare, a platform that aids a seamless travel experience by connecting mobility solutions such as parking, taxi and public transport to busy destinations around cities, like airports, cruise terminals, event spaces and transport hubs. Read more

The Option Pool Shuffle

An investor that requires a generous option pool may seem not a big deal for a founder. However, if put into the pre-money valuation it substantially lowers the effective valuation of an investment and consequently the stake that the founder holds post-closing. This blogpost explains how it works and how misunderstanding is created (and solved). Read more


Good/bad leaver provisions are commonplace in shareholders’ agreements. They are often the topic of much discussion between the parties. The part on execution and performance of the provision is sometimes somewhat overlooked. In this blogpost I will focus on the leaver in case of death. Read more

All You Need To Know About Liquidation Preferences

A standard clause in every venture capital termsheet is about liquidation preferences. This blogpost explains how liquidation preferences work in practice, what forms of liquidation preferences exist, and what’s commonly used in the Dutch venture capital market place. Read more

Battling the brain drain in Nepal

In January I had the pleasure of visiting Kathmandu as a mentor for Rockstart Impact, an accelerator program based on Rockstart’s business acceleration principles and tailored for the support of Nepali entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and raising investment.  Read more